Sunday, November 16, 2008

Brewers GM Admits Collusion! Nobody Cares, Yankees Still Suck

I admit that I couldn't stomach reading through the whole "ESPN Conversation" (which is still considered beta by ESPN? What are they planning to change before the initial launch? Or is that just a joke that some of their writers make?) about Bob Melvin's comments on the Yankees contract offer to C.C. Sabathia, but if the Yankees now lower their offer to Sabathia, that would be collusion emanating from the team that is "not" owned by the acting commissioner of Major League Baseball. Hasn't MLB had enough problems with collusion in the past? Bob Melvin used to play for the Orioles but he's a dick and a jackass for these comments. If the Brewers are offering $100m over 5 years and the Yankees are offering $140m over 6 years, the difference is about $3.3m per year. Which in the ridiculous world of top-dollar team athlete free agency is hardly enough to go public like this. Just seethe if you lose, Bob. Screw the Yankees but is anybody surprised by this? It is never a surprise when the Yankees sign somebody or rip some team off in a trade for somebody. Look, Nick Swisher might actually be demonstrably good now that he's on them. But what bothers me are the idiots at ESPN and the knuckleheads who get their comments posted on ESPN (I stopped reading ESPN for a while because I couldn't get my comments posted there. I also cancelled my subscription but my count in the circulation numbers is apparently worth more than my $15/year since I still get the magazine 2 years and a different address later) who don't see the downside to what Melvin is saying. What does he know so concretely about the market for C.C. Sabathia to even make that statement? Does he know what other teams were planning to offer? Is that how he arrived at his number? Aside from the idiocy of the numbers (the stress and the higher cost of living in NYC, mixed with the poor results they've had from every F.A. pitcher they've signed in the last 10 years except Mussina, that fucking ingrate bastard, suggests to me that $3.3m/yr might be about what it takes for someone to choose the Yankees over the numbers) it seems a little insidious to me. This has been a terrible post but I want to put up something about collusion because businesses that collude against workers are assholes whoe deserve to be stripped of their holdings.