Thursday, October 07, 2010

COLLEGE FOOTBALL WEEK 6: Big Week For The Home Teams

Things are in a bad way for my prognostication career. 33-19 last week means I'm still losing ground and I'm already 0-1 for this week.  I've got two games that will not count because the Golden Rule here at laugh-o  is "College football played prior to Thursday is an envisible tree falling in an abandoned wood."  Those games don't count.

UPDATEL I'll do it romorrow. I'm tirerd

Tuesday, October 5
Troy 42, Middle Tennessee 13
Wednesday, October 6
UCF 42, UAB 7
Thursday, October 7
No. 7 Nebraska 48, Kansas State 13

Friday, October 8
Connecticut at Rutgers - This should be a better game than it is.
No. 22 Oklahoma State at Louisiana-Lafayette - That man named Kendall needs a bunch of TDs to put himself into any sort of discussion. Right now I'm considering not finishing this article. Everything is, in fact, terrible.
Saturday, October 9
Indiana at No. 2 Ohio State - So want to pick Indiana.
Minnesota at No. 20 Wisconsin
Syracuse at South Florida
Boston College at North Carolina State
Illinois at Penn State
Central Michigan at Virginia Tech
Western Michigan at Ball State
Temple at Northern Illinois
Baylor vs. Texas Tech*
Tennessee at Georgia
Colorado State at No. 25 Air Force
Memphis at Louisville
Bowling Green at Ohio
No. 1 Alabama at No. 19 South Carolina
Wyoming at No. 5 TCU
No. 11 Arkansas vs. Texas A&M*
No. 17 Michigan State at No. 18 Michigan - Shoelace needs 600yds total offense to really pull ahead of the Heisman pack.
UCLA at California
Virginia at Georgia Tech
Pittsburgh at Notre Dame
Clemson at North Carolina
UNLV at West Virginia
Western Kentucky at Florida International
Akron at Kent State
Army at Tulane
Utah State at Louisiana Tech
No. 3 Oregon at Washington State - Might be one of the biggest blowouts of all time. Washington State beat UCLA for about 2.5 quarters last week. LaMichael James will strangle the daylights out of the Coogs.
Oregon State at No. 9 Arizona
San Diego State at Brigham Young - It's Ronnie Hillman time! I want him to be the next Marshall Faulk but I have to believe that BYU is going to pull up out of the full on nosedive they've been doing.
Navy at Wake Forest - Go Middies!
No. 10 Utah at Iowa State - Utah has been very good in the recent past. I have no opinions to offer on the current squad but I'm pretty sure they're better than the Cyclones.
Colorado at No. 24 Missouri - Ugh
Eastern Michigan at Vanderbilt
Arkansas State at North Texas
Miami (OH) at Cincinnati
Florida Atlantic at Louisiana-Monroe
No. 8 Auburn at Kentucky - Every time I choose the Auburn game for the week the words "most over-rated team in America" ring through my head.
No. 12 LSU at No. 14 Florida - Harder to pick than it would seem if you're opinion of LSU is formed by blogs and sportswriters. LSU has looked awful and won. Florida has looked horrible and won, too, but they also lost to Alabama last week. There's only one sure thing in this game: depression.
Purdue at Northwestern
East Carolina at Southern Miss
Toledo at No. 4 Boise State
No. 23 Florida State at No. 13 Miami (FL) - Another week another "this could be the most important game of the season for Miami!"
USC at No. 16 Stanford - Nothing is over, Stanford. Nothing!
New Mexico at New Mexico State
Mississippi State at Houston
Tulsa at Southern Methodist
Rice at UTEP
Arizona State at Washington
Hawaii at Fresno State
San Jose State at No. 21 Nevada


I won't make it home in time for a proper post before the Nebraska - Kansas State game so I'm doing a short one from my phone. Kansas State gets my upset pick for tonight. Nebraska can't run the table and now seems like a great time to lose. The Heisman is currently a 2-man race between Denard Robinson and LaMichael James. Dark horses include Colin Kaepernick and Patrick Peterson. Navy might now even beat Notre Dame.   I can't get stupid blogger to work on my android phone & that pisses me off.