Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Never Remember, Never Forget

Oh, 9-11 exploitation. It wasn't just for Republicans. Let's see if I did this right. A little Hammer, please hurt 'em for youse:

And who could forget this eternal classic? If we don't fall for weak equivocations after a major tragedy we might end up standing against things that hurt us! Way to take the tough stand Petey Pablo and Timbaland. Sorry I'm not good at computers and math and stuff so you'll just have to follow this rabbit hole (oh, why oh why can't my life be easier?):

So that's it. I'm in love with 9-11 exploitation. What an awesome time to be alive. Remember Neil Young's terrible album about 9-11? And that shitty Michael Moore... wait, does that count? Yeah, it does. But it was pretty impressive as an exercise in 1st Amendment Rights (not just for Larry Flynt anymore!). Alright, I've got nothing, just wanted to share some premium morsels of rallying 'round the flag. Happy Earth Day, America, you've earned it!