Saturday, October 17, 2009

Programming Notes

I wish I could watch Stanford vs. Arizona and Fresno State vs. San Jose State but here I sit in California with my only choices for West Coast football being Washington vs. Arizona State, which is on 36 - 40 channels. Why can't one of them switch over to these other games? I would love to watch Chris Owusu going bonkers or Ryan Mathews doing whathe always does but I am instead watching baseball and switching back to the kind of awesome Navy-SMU game. June Jones is dressed as the Ghost of Christmas Past for some reason. Go Middies! I'd like to have an honest opinion on Owusu and Mathews games but I'll have to go off of their box scores. At least I've seen them both play already this year so I can fill in a lot of the mental blanks. I think Jacory Harris might have had the best game out of anyone I watched today. Jimmy Clausen lost and Matt Barkley was playing against Notre Dame's defense. Boston College's RB, whoever he is, went crazy but I didn't see it.