Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Coming Down

Holy shit! Terrence Cody just made me look like a dick for knocking him off my Heisman list. 2 blocked FG's including in the final seconds to win the game? This week he was also getting his usual triple-teams from the opponents and totally clogged the middle. He will probably end up in the latter half of the first round and become an impact player by the end of next season. I get that he's a fat guy, that he isn't cut up, and that he isn't the kind of lineman who gets moved over to end in passing situations but he makes an unbelievable impact on the entire game. He's a beast, he's a dog, he's a mothafuckin' problem... Seriously, this guy destroys the line and frees up everybody else on defense. Mount Cody is a Monster! Monster Cody 2! Also, wtf, C.J. Spiller? Where have you been all year with this shit? Fuck you for bringing it to the game against Miami. What a ripoff. Jacory Harris lost any chance he had by throwing 3 INT's and losing. Other Heisman impressions: Golden Taint looked great for Notre Dame and Jimmy Clausen looked just OK. Noel Devine looked as awesome as he has all year in the second half. College football took a terrible turn for me this week but I'll still be here writing about it. Damn you Clemson!