Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thank You For Your Help!

If I believed I had an audience I probably would have already blogged about getting hit by a car. If you have stumbled over this post and don't know me - I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. This happened last Thursday. It hurts. Today is Wednesday. I have also had my car towed and still have no income. So my car has been on lockdown for about a week now until I could get $$$ from my momz. Yeah, I'm 32, jobless, borrowing from my mom. I am awesome, thanks for asking!

My thank you for this article goes to WaMu/Chase for doing all they could to keep the money I received from actually helping me. I got a check from momz on Monday that would cover my little situation enough to get the car back and get it fixed (probably) so I went to my bank with boundless energy. I don't actually know what to call my bank now, by the way. WaMu has been becoming Chase for a while now. When is that chrysalis finally thrown off?

My initial plan for the check was to cash it for some greenbacks in case the tow yard requires that sort of blood money. (I still need to write my blockbuster action flick about tow trucks...) The first problem was that they said the check needed to be held so they couldn't give me more than $100, which would help in 1923 but not now. So the guy just asked me if I wanted to deposit the money. Thinking I had no other options because I assume money will always work against me I told him, "sure, go ahead!" and cried my way out the front door of the bank. When I told my girlfriend that the money would be on hold until next month some time she marched into the bank with her giant dog and demanded answers. The concept, if you can follow it, gentle reader:

Reverse the deposit!
Wire the money instead of a check!
Save the princess from the castle!
Easy enough!

But, alas, it was not easy. When I got the money wired I noticed a peculiarity with my account. There was still a hold against it even though the original deposit had been cancelled. I called the Customer Service line to ask that the hold be released. The nice man from the far away land assured me that the money would be released automatically at 9pm. Too late for the day's activities, but all would be right in the morning. I should point out here that the guy didn't really put up much of a front of helpfulness. He was actually kind of a dick. But I selected no when I was asked about the survey. Too bad, he would have gotten all "very dissatisfied", especially if I had known then that he was just making shit up.

My momz told me to go ahead and deposit the check she sent me on top of the money that was wired and the kingdom cheered. A second trip to the bank was a small price to pay for a lot of moneys. I paid that ultimate price! And I got a receipt, which I never do, because I assumed something was still fucked up. And I'm a psychic! It was still fucked up! The first deposit was still on hold even though the second deposit was for the same check. I had holds bigger than my total deposits and the customer service people helped as much as this:

They Said It
Aaron (Chicago): What's your take on Nate Schierholtz? Expectations the rest of the way?

AJ Mass: Well, they're both mighty valuable. If this is a keeper league for just one year, it's closer; if it's a keeper league for multiple years, I'm easily saying Upton. The difference between them, obviously, is speed, which makes me answer Upton anyway. But Bay is going to make himself a whole lot of money this winter, and he'll deserve it.
-- Full chat transcript