Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Offing the Horse

So I've got bad news, kids. It will take another 2 weeks or so before my script gets reviewed by a certified The Black List reviewer (I've had trouble with the spelling on here) so it will be a little bit longer before my low seven figures ship comes in. Take heart, though, Christmas and the end of time will happen on schedule even if there are no presents available for the masses.

I'm sort of desperate for something big and brand new. Money, experience, excitement, something that is different from what I have been doing since I kicked the bucket on top of my scuffling. I liked not having a job but I wasn't very good at it. Maybe movies will never work out for me. That's probably OK. You know what movies I wish I could make? A movie about a bear that works in an office with people. A movie about a school teacher that falls in love (unwittingly) with a serial killer before he gets caught and then she just continues on being his girlfriend while he's in prison. A girl dies and decides to kill God, whether or not she gets accepted into heaven. A girl teaches a guy how to pick up women and then tries to keep him for herself. A movie about a visionary businessman that has an office that is really fun to work at but the other businessmen around him perceive him as a threat and fight to shut him down. Do those sound like star vehicles? Oh, yeah, a movie about a serial killer that drives around hitting people with his car. Blockbusters, every last one of 'em. Yeah, maybe I should figure out some other way to get rich and famous and relaxed.