Thursday, September 23, 2010


I am getting better, I think.  I've tried to watch as much college football as possible this year because I am apparently not allowed to watch the NFL.  The fact that I am out of the house literally 70 hours/week for work alone apparently does not justify spending any extra time at home doing shit that I want to do.  I went 48-10 last week and if I were picking against the spread I would have been close to undefeated.  My L's were not particularly egregious.  Miami's back this week, though, so reason is gone by the wayside.

I will never have the time I need to do the research (NOOOOOOO!!!!) necessary to do the Heisman thing the way I did last year.  Here's my Big Five as of right now, without support or substantiation:

1.) Denard Robinson, QB, Michigan - He's pretty far ahead right now but he is far from unbeatable at this point.  At what point does he become unbeatable?  2700yds passing, 2000yds rushing, and a win against Ohio State.
2.) Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada - The most fun I've had watching a player so far this year was the little bit of the game last week between Nevada and Cal.  Boise St might get flambeed by this feller.
3.) LaMichael James, RB, Oregon - I hope he breaks 2000yds in the 11 games he plays this year.
4.) Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford - This is my only projection vote. He put up amazing numbers against Wake Forest but NAIA opponents don't count for much.  He hasn't done that well in the time I've seen him but I I saw him be awesome last year and Stanford is way more loaded than most people realized in the preseason (when they seemed to be the chic pick for "team in the top25 that doesn't deserve it").
5.) Daniel Thomas, RB, Kansas State - Has the look of a 3 year star in the NFL.  He's huge as a college back and puts up pretty good numbers.  I was tempted to put Ronnie Hillman (RB, SDSU) or Bernard Pierce (RB, Temple) here but Thomas has better production right now.

Terrelle Pryor and Ryan Mallett are not my favorite players to watch.  Mallett might actually be much better than I expected him to be but I still don't want him on my TV and I still don't think he will be a wise draft choice next year in the NFL.  Terrelle Pryor is about the 5th best player on his own team.

Thursday, September 23

No. 19 Miami (FL) at Pittsburgh - Fuck you, Stache!
Friday, September 24
No. 4 TCU at Southern Methodist - I'll have you know that I did consider picking TCU.
Saturday, September 25
Austin Peay at No. 11 Wisconsin - Goddammit did Wisconsin deserve to lose last week.  John Clay is off my radar at this point.
Ball State at No. 18 Iowa - Iowa will win with 13 points,
Bowling Green at No. 21 Michigan - Michigan is going to get corrected soon.  I hope Denard Robinson continues to put up crazy numbers.
Northern Colorado at No. 25 Michigan State - Sparty sucks
Buffalo at Connecticut - This is close to a pick 'em for me.  UConn is trashy even by current Big East standards.
North Carolina State at Georgia Tech - Georgia Tech can be stopped really easily by athletic defenses.  Good thing for them they don't have to play anyone like that this week.
Central Michigan at Northwestern - Central Michigan is the good one!
Virginia Tech at Boston College - I wonder when the last time these two teams played and neither was ranked.
Florida International at Maryland - Don't think for a second that this is a sure thing.
Toledo at Purdue - I saw that Marve got hurt but I don't know how seriously.
UAB at Tennessee - Wow, UT sucks.
UCF at Kansas State
Virginia Military Institute at Virginia - UVa is a mess but this is a win, at least.
Miami (OH) at Missouri - Miami OH hasn't been good since Big Ben was raping chicks around campus.
Air Force at Wyoming - Awesome, tough game. I'm not crazy!
No. 20 USC at Washington State - Wuldn't it be the best if WSU could win?
Army at Duke - The less you know...
No. 1 Alabama at No. 10 Arkansas - Bama really doesn't look great to me so far.  I want them to end Mallett's career in a practical sense.
Eastern Michigan at No. 2 Ohio State - Tough game.
UCLA at No. 7 Texas - Texas might look like poopy pee pee on offense but they could force upwards of 10 TO's in this contest of football playing.
No. 16 Stanford at Notre Dame - I want this to be another 60 point blowout.
Temple at No. 23 Penn State - Bernard Peirce in the building!
Wake Forest at Florida State - The only sure thing in a matchup of ACC school is that neither team is very good.
North Carolina at Rutgers
Colgate at Syracuse - Toothpaste wars!
Tulane at Houston - Houston went from doomed to suped doomored the second Case Keenum went out.
Colgate at Arkansas State at Troy
Idaho at Colorado State
No. 8 Oklahoma at Cincinnati
Nevada at Brigham Young
South Dakota State at No. 6 Nebraska - My eyes are gluing shut.
Kentucky at No. 9 Florida - God I hope I don't have to watch this.
Northern Iowa at Iowa State
Akron at Indiana
Central Arkansas at Tulsa
Ohio at Marshall
Middle Tennessee at Louisiana-Lafayette
Georgia at Mississippi State
North Texas at Florida Atlantic
New Mexico State at Kansas
Southern Miss at Louisiana Tech
Southeastern Louisiana at Louisiana-Monroe
Western Kentucky at South Florida
Fresno State at Mississippi
No. 12 South Carolina at No. 17 Auburn
No. 24 Oregon State at No. 3 Boise State TWO hugely overrated teams in this one.
San Jose State at No. 13 Utah - #13? Really?
Utah State at San Diego State - Hillman 4 Prez!
Baylor at Rice
Northern Illinois at Minnesota
No. 22 West Virginia at No. 15 LSU
Memphis at UTEP
California at No. 14 Arizona
New Mexico at UNLV
No. 5 Oregon at Arizona State
Charleston Southern at Hawaii

That's all.