Thursday, November 05, 2009

College Football Week 10 (First Weekend of November)

Last week I had problems getting my paragraph breaks to show correctly. I went overboard on the top 25 upsets and then there weren't very many. I went 36-17 (186-82 overall) and missed picking the Minnesota-Mich State game entirely. Good, since I think that represents the way I felt about that game. I'm trying to work quickly because I'm a day and a half later than I want to write this article. I can't help it, I started a job on Monday and I'm overwhelmed by the idea of working again. The Thursday games have already started and I might be "predicting" game outcomes that have already been decided by the time this posts. I am trying hard to ignore the scores. So I have to just let it fly. Purple always wins on this site.  No research!


Bowling Green 30, Buffalo 29 - Nope.  Not a prediction.

No. 23 Virginia Tech at East Carolina - Wow. New blogger controls.  Wow.
Miami (OH) at Temple - Maybe I am missing it right now and my new football hero is the new Heisman frontrunner.
Eastern Michigan at Northern Illinois - Huh? Well, Michael Turner's pretty good and he went to NIU.

No. 7 Boise State at Louisiana Tech - Boise can look bad for losing but can't impress anyone with a win.  Nobody will schedule them for the years to come, either.  They're like FSU was in the early 80s.  Except that it's almost illegal to be an independent now.

UCF at No. 2 Texas - This would be the best upset in a long time if UCF wins.  It would also be historically significant in the world of football.
Northwestern at No. 4 Iowa - It's only far-fetched if you've never watched Iowa.
Syracuse at No. 13 Pittsburgh - Poor Paulus.  Syracuse fans hate him.  He'll be OK if he makes the league.
Virginia at No. 17 Miami (FL) - UM is not much more talented than UVa.  So Al Groh should be gone by now.
No. 21 Wisconsin at Indiana - Make up call!
Western Michigan at Michigan State -Wow, Sparty.  You should be better.
Purdue at Michigan - What now?  Both of these teams stopped playing football a few weeks ago.  Maybe they will both be better?
Illinois at Minnesota - These were the Big 10 (+1) Conference teams of the week last week.  You have to understand this means the conference is terrible.
Louisville at West Virginia - Noel Devine won't win the Heisman.  West Virginia won't play in a good bowl game.  Kraggy's gotta die.
South Carolina at Arkansas
Kansas at Kansas State
Tennessee Tech at Georgia - People are worried about Brandon Spikes but nobody cares that this is happening.
Eastern Kentucky at Kentucky
Maryland at North Carolina State
Furman at Auburn
Texas A&M at Colorado - Sherman's going bowling isn't he?
Florida Atlantic at UAB
Baylor at Missouri
Brigham Young at Wyoming
Navy at No. 22 Notre Dame - It's not far-fetched anymore.  Go Middies!
Rice at Southern Methodist
No. 9 LSU at No. 3 Alabama - LSU could win it.  I'm interested to see where they would be in the rankings after a win here.
No. 8 Oregon at Stanford - Stanford can keep it closer than Oregon's last game.
Wake Forest at No. 10 Georgia Tech
No. 16 Ohio State at No. 11 Penn State
Washington State at No. 18 Arizona - Could the Pac-10 trade Wazzou for Boise State?
No. 19 Oklahoma State at Iowa State
Washington at UCLA
Duke at North Carolina
Army at Air Force
Kent State at Akron
Louisiana-Lafayette at Arkansas State
UTEP at Tulane
No. 6 TCU at San Diego State
Louisiana-Monroe at North Texas
Florida International at Middle Tennessee State
Troy at Western Kentucky
New Mexico at No. 14 Utah
Oregon State at No. 20 California
Memphis at Tennessee
Vanderbilt at No. 1 Florida
No. 15 Houston at Tulsa
Northern Arizona at Mississippi - Hey, Ole Miss can win this one!
Florida State at Clemson - If C.J. Spiller didn't lose last week to sportsmanship this game could win him a Heisman trophy.  FSU has all the same weaknesses as Miami.
Connecticut at No. 5 Cincinnati -God I want these UConn kids to win.  But UC is good.  That should make a difference.
No. 12 USC at Arizona State - How awesome would it be if ASU could pull this off?  Dennis Erickson is like a crappy, carpet-bagging version of Pete Carroll.
No. 24 Oklahoma at Nebraska - 2 top 5 draft picks in this game.  They're both DTs.
Colorado State at UNLV
Utah State at Hawaii
Fresno State at Idaho - Come on Mathews, you need massive numbers!

Nevada at San Jose State - WTF is up with this Sunday CFB bullshit?  This is even more annoying and a bigger money loser than the Tuesday/Wednesday fuck you to academia games.