Wednesday, September 08, 2010


No, it's not September 11th as I write this.  It feels a little odd to have sports happening on September 11th.  Not sure what else to do, though.  I'm pretty sure we get football on December 7th, too.  Oh, well.  This is the week that determines my level of interest in the remainder of the season.  So soon?  Yeah, because I might end up really enjoying another season without Miami in the title chase but it certainly won't feel as "important" to me.  Navy already screwed things up by turning the ball over 47 times against Maryland.  My Ricky Dobbbs 4 Heisman campaign is tots dunzors.

I was hoping for some extra clarity in the Heisman race but I didn't get any.  I'll post a separate Heisman column on Friday.  I don't feel up to it and I want to look busier.  So this marathon gets cut down a little bit.  I'm just going off the top, as usual, here.  I had a very impressive looking record last week, going 67-12, but if you look at the numbers a little closer you'll notice that there are only 120 teams (or close to there) in Division I-A and 79 games played last week.  So 38 teams played againt I-AA competition.  As far as I know only Ole Miss lost.  That means I was only 30-11 in real terms.  Still a decent record but most week 1 games are envisioned as mismatches.  I went mostly chalk (I think) last week.  My no research idiocy is calling out for more upset picks.  Let's get to it, shall I?

Thursday, September 9

Central Michigan at Temple - Bernarrrdd??  Temple almost fucked up horribly last week.  Bernard Pierce only looked decent in the 4th quarter.  He'll pick it up, though.  I'm not worried.
No. 21 Auburn at Mississippi State - Great win for Miss State last week.  Back to reality...
Friday, September 10

No. 23 West Virginia at Marshall - Something seems odd about this game.  Oh, yeah, West Virginia is ranked.  They probably don't deserve it and Noel Devine is off the radar in my Heisman poll of me but Marshall is pretty goddamn terrible.
UTEP at Houston - Case Keenum needs bigger numbers.  Last game was annoying.

Saturday, September 11
San Jose State at No. 11 Wisconsin - John Clay for Heisman.  I didn't even look at the stats from last week.  I've seen him before and I know he's good.
No. 15 Georgia Tech at Kansas - Kansas got shut out by some team.  Maybe a AA school.  I'm not sure.  The Wramblin Wreck is due for a big fall in the ACC but Kansas isn't in the ACC and they aren't any good.
No. 22 Georgia at No. 24 South Carolina - Early season SEC game.  South Carolina surpirsed me by not being completely ineffectual last week.  Spurrier has to make this stupid team a little better eventually.  Georgia...  I don't know.  I have no reasons.
Texas Southern at Connecticut - UConn sucks
Illinois State at Northwestern - Northwestern sucks
South Dakota at Minnesota - Minnesota really sucks
Memphis at East Carolina - Memphis might be the worst team in Div I-A.  I have no reason to believe that but they might be.
Duke at Wake Forest - I like everybody better than Duke.
Hawaii at Army - Some ESPN guy talked about how hard this road trip will be but, come on, to Army?
Gardner-Webb at Akron
Indiana State at Cincinnati
Michigan State vs. Florida Atlantic* - This game is on a neutral field and Florida Atlantic has no chance.  I gotta take those odds.
Western Illinois at Purdue - Robert Marve is QB for Purdue.
South Florida at No. 8 Florida - Based on last week, Florida might lose to anybody.  They will save all their losses for better teams, though.
Idaho at No. 6 Nebraska - If it weren't for Boise State getting #1 votes Nebraska would be the clear favorite to be the most overrated team in America.
New Hampshire at Pittsburgh
James Madison at No. 13 Virginia Tech
Eastern Michigan at Miami (OH)
Iowa State at No. 9 Iowa
No. 17 Florida State at No. 10 Oklahoma - No, don't believe it.  I still won't change the pick.
Colorado at California - Hahaha! I'm kidding.
Michigan at Notre Dame - this game is for some stupid, inflated, soon to burst ranking.
Eastern Kentucky at Louisville
Kent State at Boston College
Presbyterian at Clemson Is Presbyterian a D I-A school now?
Arkansas State at Louisiana-Lafayette
Georgia Southern at Navy - The biggest letdown for me in week 1 tries to salvage their image.
No. 12 Miami (FL) at No. 2 Ohio State - I've been waiting all summer for this game.  Miami has to win.
UNLV at No. 20 Utah
Brigham Young at Air Force
Morgan State at Maryland
No. 18 Penn State at No. 1 Alabama - I kind of hope Penn State wins.  But only kind of.  I don't think they have a chance, though.
Tennessee Tech at No. 4 TCU - TCU is gonna beat the shit out of this school's football team.
Wyoming at No. 5 Texas - Not as easy as it seems but probably just as easy as Rice.  Texas should have won that game by a lot more than they did.
No. 7 Oregon at Tennessee - Tennessee has a lot of things to correct and they aren't a top 25 team.  Oregon will fuck up here like they have to do early in the season just because they always do shit like that.
No. 14 Arkansas vs. Louisiana-Monroe* - Woohoo.  Go pigfuckers.
No. 19 LSU at Vanderbilt - LSU should have lost to UNC last week.
McNeese State at Missouri
Toledo at Ohio
Troy at Oklahoma State - OK State takes a tough opponent here but they've got some guy named Kendall that had the best game of anyone in week 1.
Bowling Green at Tulsa
Buffalo at Baylor
Louisiana Tech at Texas A&M
Rice at North Texas
Syracuse at Washington - There was a good long while there where this would have been a matchup of top 10 teams.  Syracuse might not even be top 10 in their own conference anymore.  Which sucks because there aren't 10 teams in their conference.
Montana State at Washington State
Liberty at Ball State
Austin Peay at Middle Tennessee
North Dakota at Northern Illinois
Prairie View A&M at Southern Miss
Nicholls State at Western Michigan
Missouri State at Kansas State
Western Kentucky at Kentucky
Southern Illinois at Illinois - There are still a lot of bullshit matchups this week
North Carolina State at UCF
San Diego State at New Mexico State
Texas Tech at New Mexico
Idaho State at Utah State
Rutgers at FIU - I wonder if Rutgers is an underdog here.
UAB at Southern Methodist
Mississippi at Tulane - There is no way Ole Miss loses this game but I refuse to pick them anyway.
Northern Arizona at Arizona State
Citadel at Arizona
Virginia at No. 16 USC - You know, for all the hype around this week, this is one of the better matchups.  Ugh.
No. 25 Stanford at UCLA - I might actually watch this.  Owusu needs to light it up somehow
Colorado State at Nevada - Great capper to the week.