Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Death of Loving Werewolves

No more werewolf love in the Old West, do you hear me? That love shit is out, man. That shit is played out. In steps the gangster wolf. A cowboy wolf with nothing to do but kill. I'm still going to buy another read for the crapwolf I've currently got up on The Black List but I think I might have just found my story. If all goes as planned I will someday soon have to take this blog down to protect intellectual property. Screen grab it now and you can maybe sell it to some shitty website that pays for that kind of mock insider access! Do it now! I have had a bit of a eureka moment and am pretty well sold on a complete teardown and rewrite of Full Moon.

Anyway, I'm pretty manic but right now I feel very good about this outline for the cowboy-wolves:

1) Joshua is in a coma at his family's estate in Big Bear Lake. Lauren leaves him for dead.

2) Joshua has healed but is still scarred - he is working on the railroad between Los Angeles and the High Desert.

3) A bum is killed by a wolf near where Joshua is working.

4) Joshua is under suspicion as a wolf. He is shunned by his co-workers.

5) A werewolf attacks the workers camp and Joshua is nowhere to be found. Just as the wolf is about to kill the foreman, Joshua shows up IN WEREWOLF FORM and kills the attacking wolf. Obvs, Joshua is not the murderer that they thought but he is still a werewolf. He runs away.

6) Joshua wanders the desert. He sees another werewolf but can't get to it.

7) Joshua stumbles into the town of Calico. He isn't warmly welcomed. He reads a newspaper account of "Wolfie" - a werewolf that has been attacking Calico even when the moon isn't full.

8) Joshua is befriended by the saloon-keeper in Calico who tells him all about the wolf attacks. Joshua tells him that he is on a quest for revenge and the saloon-keeper offers to help in any way possible.

9) Joshua gets arrested for being drunk in public and while he is in jail "Wolfie" kills a prostitute.

10) The saloon-keeper bails Joshua out in the morning. They eat breakfast at the inn and then take target practice. Joshua is inexperienced with guns but the saloon-keeper teaches him some tricks. He also lends Joshua a horse.

11) Wolfie attacks again the next night! This time he is more brazen and attacks on Main Street while people are out at the saloon and the casino. The sheriffs are called but before they get there Joshua kills Wolfie, who turns out to be a punk in a costume.

12) Joshua is disappointed that he didn't kill a real werewolf. The saloon-keeper points out that it wouldn't have been the same wolf that attacked his family anyway.

13) Joshua and the saloon-keeper ride up to Big Bear Lake to see if they can find the wolf that cursed Joshua.

14) They come across some native desert people but can't communicate with them. The natives seem suspicious of the pair.

15) Before they get to Big Bear Lake Joshua admits that he is, in fact a werewolf. The saloon-keeper is not surprised at all.

16) Joshua shows his friend around Big Bear Lake, including the general store that his family ran before they were killed. The saloon-keeper notes that the tourists are all business men up from Los Angeles.

17) The moon is full and there is a wolf attack in town. Joshua, in wolf form, chases after the monster. He is followed by his partner WHO IS ALSO A WEREWOLF!!!

18) They capture the beast who tells them that he is not the one Joshua is after - this is his first vacation in Big Bear. All of Collis Huntington's men come up there! Joshua is going to let him live but the saloon-keeper destroys the touristwolf.

19) Joshua and his friend are pursued by sheriffs. They kill his friend but Joshua gets away.

20) Joshua makes his way to Los Angeles.

21) He goes to find Collis Huntington.

22) It turns out they have a past together. Lauren is Collis' daughter and Joshua was due to marry her before the "incident."

23) Joshua takes up working for Collis in order to figure out which of his men might be his attacker.

24) Collis invites Joshua to a party at the California Club.

25) All of the patrons of the California Club are werewolves - every west coast captain of industry and politics is a werewolf!

26) Collis shows Joshua around the club. Collis admits to killing Joshua's family. Joshua kills Collis.

27) Lauren shows up at the crime scene. She is a werewolf, too.


So, would you watch that movie? Would you be excited to watch that movie? I think of it as Red Dead with Wolves (but the original version before the zombies came along.) I'm pretty excited. Let me know if you see any real problems and understand that there is a more in Los Angeles and Calico than I wrote here but I'm just going through the plot turning points and leaving a lot of the incidentals out. Also, every character has a name already but I can't remember them off the top of my head so I apologize for "the saloon-keeper."