Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dream Recap

So, Georgetown basketball is in a precarious position and the college football is in its bowl cycle leaving me with nothing to hang onto except the NFL (I haven't even really started watching the NBA yet this year), which is why I'll break from the sports death grip to describe a dream I just had.  That's right, laugh-O's going hippie for a moment.  It really isn't much of a story, either.  My brother, Mark, had just gotten in a car wreck in Florida and moved out to L.A. along with other brothers, Tom and Dave.  The 4 of us are living in a nice apartment in Los Feliz, apparently, while I am working and going to school at Santa Monica College which, conveniently, is located on Vermont Ave in Los Feliz.  One day, as I'm going home from work/school to make it to (x) function with my brothers, I see a car crash has taken place and then I notice my brother Tom being driven away in my sister (Cathy)'s car with a dog in the backseat.  I make my way through the crowd and find out Mark's car is totalled and being towed away.  Dave is still sitting in the passenger seat and there are three more dogs in the backseat.  The car is on the tow truck's flat bed, which is still raised for some reason, so that it is tilting almost perpindicular to the ground.   Mark tells me the story of the wreck: some car that I don't see driven by an unknown guy ran into Mark's car from behind, forcing Mark to run into the car ahead of him.  Also, one of the puppies in the back of the car is a Great Dane.  One of the tow truck operators has a dog from the same litter but I am the only one that finds this fact interesting.  His co-worker looks annoyed at him for even bringing it up and my brother doesn't think anything of it.  By the way, the co-tow truck operator looks just like this FedEx guy named O'Shea.  As I walk away from the accident scene some girl that is supposed to be Whitney from "The City" is walking across the street.  She looks more like a busted Anna Kournikova, with really bad skin.  That is all.