Sunday, October 10, 2010

NFL WEEK 5 - Love Lifts Us Where We Belong

Football sucks.  There, I said it.  I mean, it's better than doing dumb stuff like talking to friends and family or being active outdoors but it's terrible.  The Miami Hurricanes just got blown out.  See?  It's terrible.  I'm just gonna fling darts at these games and home I come up with the same type of results I had last week.  10-4 picking last week's winners (36-26 overall now) and I have no memory of anything that happened.

Week 5
SUN, OCT 10 
Jacksonville at Buffalo - Jacksonville's riding high on their home victory over the Colts last week where a fan fell off the stadium from inside.  Buffalo is considering going 0-16.  I think this is the Bills only chance at a win but I only know for sure that the Bills have 5 players on their roster.  Still going to pick home team Buffalo to win in home stadium.
Tampa Bay at Cincinnati - Tampa Bay! Tampa Bay! If I could find a good video of the Bucs owner's speech after winning the Super Bowl it would've gone here.
Atlanta at Cleveland - Atlanta's actually good, I think.
St. Louis at Detroit - The two worst teams from last year facing off. It's the Suh vs. Bradford battle that college football fans didn't get last year.
Kansas City at Indianapolis - Wow, Indy, you sure sucked last week.  The Chiefs can win if they just keep running.  NFL coaches aren't that good with football, though, so expect Matt Cassell to go something like 16-40 with 3 INTs.  The Chiefs being undefeated has gone on just about long enough, now.
Green Bay at Washington - Green Bay did a great job of hiding their suckiness throughout the offseason when people were expecting to contend for the Super Bowl. Washington is probably a little better than most prognosticators expected.  Not by much, though, and this game seems to be a matchup of near equals.  Mediocrity forever!
Chicago at Carolina - Mediocrity forever!
Denver at Baltimore - Don't listen to anyone that tries to tell you Baltimore's offense is anything other than horrendous.  They are wrong or lying or both.  And, yet, the Ravens are probably the best team in the league. 
NY Giants at Houston - The Gaints are worse than I ever thought they'd be.  The Texans rely a lot more on a WR than most people realize.  Andre Johnson is hurt but will probably play.
New Orleans at Arizona - Max Hall will prove you wrong, whatever you may have though of him.
San Diego at Oakland - Still don't think that much of the Chargers.  Even though I know how little I think of the Raiders, it seems like a good week for the silver & black.
Tennessee at Dallas - Bunch of bullshit...
Philadelphia at San Francisco - Fuck this game.

Minnesota at NY Jets - I can't wait for the reaction when Favre is announced at the beginning of the game and the picture on your TV is a text of his cock. Randy Moss is back where he belongs!