Monday, September 28, 2009

AdBear, birth of a legend

I had this idea for a TV show that seems completely beyond my means but not actually worthy of a network pitch. I swear there isn't more than 10 minutes of life in an episode. It is, if you didn't guess from the post title, called, AdBear. Maybe I should just write a bunch of stories about AdBear on this site and then it can just be a serial online. I like it a lot but acknowledge it as terrible. AdBear is a Grizzly Bear that works for an ad agency. He wears a button-down shirt and necktie to work, with dark slacks and glasses. His watch is a Citizen. He wants to find a nice girl to date but it's hard because he's a bear. Soon, on laugh-o, you will bear witness to the greatest online serial to date. Somebody pay me!

Copy Writing

If you're looking for a very small amount of extra income, I found this website called textbroker that seems to work OK. They just dump the money into your PayPal account and you can reasonably make $20-$30/day just writing terrible SEO articles and things like that. So, if you're looking at my site thinking, "Wow! This guy knows how to make money!" then you're an idiot. But if you write also and are looking for something to do in your spare time that can keep you loose and limber as a writer it's a decent place to go. If you know anybody looking to actually pay a fair market price this isn't a great idea. Actually, if you know anybody like that just refer them to me. I do have chops, this site notwithstanding.