Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let's Try To Explain Things

I've left the prognosticating business indefinitely. Why? Because I got really depressed about college football following losses by Miami and Notre Dame. Both have two losses now. Eyehateeverrthang.  I had a plan to start writing about the Heisman race but I don't even have an opposing view to shove out there. I could dedicate myself to writing a blog tearing down Kellen Moore but that's about it. LaMichael James and Cam Newton are awesome. I love to watch Denard Robinson. Matt Barkley deserves a little bit of attention and Justin Blackmon might need to be knocked down a few pegs at this point. My viewpoint on the race this year IS the mainstream view. I think I'll be petty happy with the winner, whoever it ends up being. I don't even hate Terrelle Pryor as a candidate. Just Kellen Moore. He is, as has bothered me with candidates (& winnars) in the past, not even the best player on his own team. Titus Young, bitches! Titus Fucking Young! So that's that. No more excitement about writing when I don't have an opposing viewpoint. I am a hater.

I'll tell you one thing, this song is about syrup:

Do you agree?  Just because they look like the Black Eyed Peas with their stupid little clothes and "hot girl" in the group (just to be clear, Fergie is not hot) and their terrible dancing and unnecessarily glossy video doesn't mean they aren't contributing to the transformation of "fly" from meaning cool to meaning hammered. They even reference the song that started that slide in the hook. I stand by it. These little kids are talking about what all little kids are talking about these days: doing drugs. Ah, well, it's all I cared about when I was young enough to still hope for the future.

Go Hurricanes! Go Middies! Hoya Saxa!