Monday, September 21, 2009

Jacory Harris for Heisman!

OK, I will write about football again. Because that's what my lack of readers have demanded. And I'll keep it brief again. Because that makes it easier to do when you don't feel like looking up numbers or research things or just want to arbitrarily (not randomly) assign a meme that you might have seen once or twice a wider cultural significance. I've watched maybe 10 games so far this year (sounds puny, but really, 3 1/3 college football games per week is enough to lose a girlfriend over) and Jacory Harris is the best player I've seen. And I say that full well realizing that I'm a Hurricanes fan. I love the UM commercials where Donna Shalala tries to do "The U" with her hands but it looks like she's pantomiming a tit grab instead. Could nobody on that shoot properly explain "The U" to her and do one more attempt at getting the shot right? I like to imagine that it was like that scene from The Simpsons (maybe 18 years ago? Wow. Shudder. It's possible to have an intelligent conversation with somebody that was born after that episode aired) where they're filming Radioactive Man & Fallout Boy and the star can't pronounce the signature catchphrase, "Up and Atom!" But I will temper my expectations because there is a real chance the 'Canes will lose their next 2 games soundly. VPI's football team is perhaps just as talented as Miami and I'm going to go out on a limb and say Oklahoma has more NFL-ready talent than Miami right now. Also, Miami still has to play North Carolina. I'd love to see the 'Canes go 12-0 and play the Gators for the BCS title. It's at least an outside possibility. Most programs don't spend years and years building to that glory, it seems. The great programs tend to arrive "a year early." See USC, Oklahoma and Florida over the last 10 years for proof. And that's really the whole list because those are the only truly great programs. Yea, that's another zeitgeist buster (sorry, LSU, nobody cares about you) Even the afore-mentioned Hokies football team representing VPI showed up on the national register a little early because of a certain freshman quarterback that just happens to be returning to regular-season NFL life this week. Also, the last time Miami resurrected the program, they should have gotten a title shot a year before they were supposed to. But they had to settle for destroying the Gators in the Sugar Bowl. All this is a way of saying I don't think UM will go 12-0, 11-1, or even 10-2 and, because of that, Jacory Harris won't really win a Heisman. I only hope he doesn't get jobbed out of one in his career the way Kenny Dorsey did. But my preseason pick of Jahvid Best is looking OK right now. He actually hasn't looked as good to me this year as he did last year but he's got a lot of hype on him right now. And that shine is what gets you a trophy, not accomplishments.