Sunday, September 26, 2010

NFL WEEK 3: Worse Late Than Never

You know, if you want to do well in fantasy football or write interesting things about the NFL, you really have to pay attention to what's happening in the league.  I've done that in the past.  Last season?  I had League Pass and watched everything.  This season?  I haven't watched more than 20 minutes of any single game.  Hopefully I can get in some serious viewing time tomorrow but I'm not counting on it.  I went 10-6 week 1 and thought that sucked.  I went 9-7 last week.  A lot's riding on this one!  19-13 is weak when you only pick winners.  These are gonna be brief since I'm about to pass out.  It's breast cancer awareness week here at the Comedy Corporation.  Are you aware of breast cancer?  It sucks.

Tennessee at NY Giants - Tennessee sucked last week.  I expect a decent season from both of these teams but I think the Giants have an edge here at home.

Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay - I hate the Steelers.  KII for the win!

Cincinnati at Carolina - Two teams that make no sense to me.  Jimmy Clausen is starting.  Remember how much I liked him at Notre Dame?  I still like him in the long run.  Maybe I will find out some things about him tomorrow but I doubt it.  Donovan McNabb was the worst QB ever as a rookie and Rick Mirer looked like a HOFer.

Cleveland at Baltimore - Cleveland signed Jake Delhomme to be their starting QB and drafted Colt McCoy with an eye to the future.  Colt McCoy offers no future and Jake Delhomme doesn't even play football anymore.  Joe Flacco is picking up where Rick Mirer left off in Seattle.

Dallas at Houston - Houston seems so mirage-like to me.  Of course, I'm sure there were lots of people who thought that about the Saints last year.  They were wrong and I'm not, though, so that helps me take the against-the-grain angle here and say Dallas evens things out a little this week.

San Francisco at Kansas City - This game seems awful.

Detroit at Minnesota - Adrian Peterson owes the world some big yardage here.

Buffalo at New England - Buffalo might end up a 2 win team.  New England looked old and stupid against the Jets last week.  I wish Buffalo could win but they don't even have enough football players under contract to field 11 players per side.  I think.

Atlanta at New Orleans - I was half right about Atlanta v. Arizona last week.  Atlanta scored a ton.  This week...  Neither team runs it up.  New Orleans will win in the last 5 minutes of the game.

Washington at St. Louis - Bradford's OK, McNabb's OK, everything sucks.  Seems like a good time for the Rams to get in one of their wins for the year.

Philadelphia at Jacksonville - Vick was good against Detroit, the Internet was perplexed by Andy Reid's waffling early this week and Jacksonville doesn't have a lot of people expecting anything from them.  Jacksonville is probably better than most people realize.

Oakland at Arizona - Worst game ever.  Arizona is back to their historically proper place and the Raiders can play some defense.  Derek Anderson or the Raiders?  I'll go with the home team.

San Diego at Seattle - Pete Carroll will get fired or quit before the end of next season.

Indianapolis at Denver - Toughest call of the week.  I'm going to take Denver and the points.  I don't really know what the spread or the over/under is on this game but TEBOW!

NY Jets at Miami - Ahh, the night game.  I won't watch it, I bet.  Any takers?

Green Bay at Chicago - I saw Brent Musberger trying to hype this game today.  I know the Bears beat Dallas last week but Dallas is a collection of weak-willed individuals.  Green Bay is a team.