Thursday, August 13, 2009

Michael Vick! Michael Vick!

Michael Vick now has a chance to be like Kordell Stewart, circa 1995, for the Philaelphia Eagles. Is Vick going to become a great QB? Almostg certainly not. I kind of hope he does, though. I don't hate dogs, by the way. Michael Vick is a giant asshole and he deserved to be taken low. Probably not much, if any, more than any other star but he deserved to be knocked down. If you take animal lives so lightly, you probably don't do well with the value of human life, either. That being said, he's not the worst person that ever lived and he's a pretty entertaining football player which is all I want and expect from him. Make football entertaining in a way other than screaming at the distended voices coming from the TV: "You are an idiot! Who cares about all this sanctimony! Talk about the plays and leave me alone!" (That is what I say to the announcers during every game. They never hear me.) I hope Vick is exciting but I expect this to be a sad, boring sideshow that ends way more quickly than anyone is willing to admit. Remember when Ricky Williams came back? No? It's because he got hurt right away. Vick will also be hurt immediately when he finally makes it into a regular season game.


I'm predicting Jahvid Best (RB, California) wins the Heisman and at least two of the three finalists from last year will not be finalists again this year. Maybe all three of them. My second pick for the Heisman is Noel Devine (RB, West Virginia) and in third place I'm saying Joe McKnight (RB, USC). Basically, I'm expecting a running back who can actually make cool looking plays to win the Heisman. And maybe Jesus Little Brother (QB, Florida) can finish as a close runner-up. But I'm guessing Bradford (QB, Oklahoma) gets hurt and Major Applewhite or whatever that Texas QB's new name is just doesn't do very much this year to stand out from the rest of his team. Sure, I'll be wrong but I just thought I should put this in writing. Also, Stephen Strasburg is going to suck and Michael Vick will be gone from the Eagles before Donovan McNabb is.

Medical Insurance

I have lost all the paper work I need to file to get money for being hit by a car. It happens, right? Well, it probably doesn't happen to a lot of people. I mean, lots of people get hit by cars but most of them don't actually get the driver's info, let alone lose the driver's info. I'm in complete meltdown mode right now. I moved and lost all my paper work. Does this tie into a super-narrative? No, it does not. I wish healthcare and transportation were entirely nationalized but can't figure out how to run for city council or have more than 3 people read a single blog-post, let alone lead a movement to make fundamental shifts in the way our American society is organized. I would like to fundamentally change the expectations people around the country and world have for what will happen to them when they have problems in life. But I will focus more closely on figuring out how to get unemployment money because I am super broke. Oh, well. Somebody pointed out to me how easy it is to do background checks on people now - just search for their personal web pages and whatever. Well, now I'm nervous to actually post anything the slightest bit personal but a little too lazy and unconcerned to actually go back and change any postings.

Anyway, I am very much disheartened by the healthcare "debate" that's going on "around the country". I would love to see a news report actually address the apathy and ineptitude of the average American. Nobody cares about anything. Madden 10 comes out tomorrow. It will sell more copies than any newspaper or magazine explaining in minute detail what are the actual issues at stake in the healthcare, um, movement. What are we supposed to worry about if the alternative to an HMO is a government run HMO that you still have to pay just as much to be a part of? Has anybody involved in the argument actually stopped to say, "Wait, this changes nothing." But it's scary to people who think Socialism (i.e., a system that is built upon communally divided resources, ideally resulting in shared positive results) is the devil above all other devils. I don't have anything to add to this debate but I would love to see a healthcare system that is based on raising the level of care for the entire country rather than protecting very large corporate interests come hell or high-water. Good luck to everybody who can read.