Sunday, October 03, 2010

NFL WEEK 4: The Big Comeback

OK, so I may not be the equal of a farm animal when I make picks.  I thought I was playing safe last week and it didn't work out so well.  I went 7-9 (26-22 on the year).  I wish I could say I felt improvement but I am at a loss from game to game, on a weekly basis.  I don't care enough.  I might be sliding back towards disinterest in football now that I don't have a current copy of Madden, NFL Sunday Ticket, or 168 hours/week of free time.  Ugh.  It's a life, though, I guess.  Here's the games for this week.

San Francisco at Atlanta - San Francisco was my "breakout team that nobody really cares about" in my preseason rankings and here they are the first team to fire a coach.  They appear to be a bit of a mess.  I don't trust them on the road at St. Louis, and Atlanta's a good team.  A team with a coach "on the bus."  I thought Matt Ryan was garbage in college but I like him in the pros.  This seems like an easy pick.

Cincinnati at Cleveland - It makes sense to me that Cleveland would run 50 times/game and distribute those carries between 3 or 4 backs.  I don't run an NFL team and the Cleveland coaching staff seems hell-bent on throwing it no matter what level of re-tread they have behind center.  Cincinnati has been a bust on offense and Ced Benson looks very much like the one-year wonder most people had to expect him to be.  1,000 yds is in reach, but so is a 3.1 yd avg.  Great stuff.  Go Ohio!

NY Jets at Buffalo - Buffalo is terrible and Mark Saanchez actually looks pretty good so far.

Seattle at St. Louis - There will be two head coaches in this game with no track record of success in the NFL at the head coach position.  Somebody has to win, though, and St. Louis got their win for the first half of the season last week.

Denver at Tennessee - These are teams that look like they will never put it together this season.  I like Demariyous Thomas and Chris Johnson.  Decisions, decisions to make.

Detroit at Green Bay - Holy shit did Green Bay fuck up last week.  There is probably not a particularly dominant team this year.  Looks like a good year for Baltimore to win it again.  Green Bay can't run for shit but Detroit can't do anything particularly well.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh - Joe Flacco might be more Rick Mirer than Joe Montana.  Pittsburgh is overdue for a correction but they won't be nearly as bad as I predicted in the preseason.

Carolina at New Orleans - Carolina is a contender for the top pick in the draft next April.  New Orleans should have a good workout.

Indianapolis at Jacksonville - If Indianapolis loses this game, Peyton Manning should announce his retirement before heading to the locker room.

Houston at Oakland - Good lord, when will it be over? The Raiders don't have a lot of talent to show for all those high picks they've made in recent years.

Washington at Philadelphia - Here it is!  I could've sworn this was a night game but I see from it's place on the schedule that it is, in fact, not.  Donovan McNabb deserves to beat Philly just because the idiot fans in Philly still don't understand that he is their best QB in 60 years.

Arizona at San Diego - Both teams will try their damndest to lose but the lukewarm responses of San Diego stadium attendees (those aren't fans) will be just enough to lift them up to less failure.  A win's a win, right?

Chicago at NY Giants - The Bears are a train wreck that hasn't happened yet and the Giants are a train that wrecked in an uncharted region of desert that has been kept mostly under wraps.  Word is getting out.  But the Bears need to lose and I will pick them to lose every week until they do.  And then for 3 more weeks after just for good measure.

New England at Miami - Don't care.