Saturday, December 08, 2012

Monkeys, Men, and Other Beasts

"The Island of Dr. Moreau is starting right now on Movieplex!" Are there any sweeter weords in the English language? Yes, there are. But there are few things as enjoyable as watching a big budget, big effects movie with nothing but a concept to hold it all together. I probably shouldn't admit that if I'm going to get people to pay me to write big budget movies but for all I know that's exactly the right way to think about these things. Moreover, maybe that ship has sailed and it doesn't even matter. It just keeps going.

I unabashedly love some terrible movies. There are plenty of hyper-pretentious movies in my list of favorites but I'm a sucker for Transformers movies (I got over the boiling blood and just broke down and loved them after the second one) and have trouble turning off even the least of Godzilla flicks. If you expect good things from me you should consider yourself warned. The best saying I've coined or purloined is "Embrace the seediness of your existence." I love L.A. because I love dreck.

There is some poetry to crass commercialism. Artistry of total cynicism? Sure, why not? It sounds like a segment on NightFlight. Expensive junk is a hell of a tableau. I hope to paint in it some day. Seriously, there is a certain integrity of purpose if you are only focused on money. It may not have anything good to say about people but at least there is an honesty that can be culled from the deep awfulness of a movie like Indy 4 or Days of Thunder. I'm making more of it than I have the discipline to really explain in a pinch but trust that there is something to it all.

It's not only action movies that deserve a lusty hate watch. Right now I've got a movie called Rappin' in a mailer sleeve just waiting to be watched on up. I've paid good money to go watch dance movies in the theatre. Untamed Heart is going to be on TV in the coming weeks. I can't wait to watch it again. He thinks he has a baboon heart!!! Maybe I'll come back to this. Comfort from low-brow entertainment is some kind of shutdown device that I'd like to tear apart and diagram. Now, back to the dick jokes.