Monday, September 28, 2009

AdBear, birth of a legend

I had this idea for a TV show that seems completely beyond my means but not actually worthy of a network pitch. I swear there isn't more than 10 minutes of life in an episode. It is, if you didn't guess from the post title, called, AdBear. Maybe I should just write a bunch of stories about AdBear on this site and then it can just be a serial online. I like it a lot but acknowledge it as terrible. AdBear is a Grizzly Bear that works for an ad agency. He wears a button-down shirt and necktie to work, with dark slacks and glasses. His watch is a Citizen. He wants to find a nice girl to date but it's hard because he's a bear. Soon, on laugh-o, you will bear witness to the greatest online serial to date. Somebody pay me!

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