Sunday, July 05, 2009

Addendum to the TransFormers thing

One more thing that bothers me wherever I see it and is absolutely a form of stupidity if not outright racism in itself: Aliens did not build the fucking pyramids, the Egyptians did! I realize that reading is probably as much anathema to Michael Bay as it is to his robo-buffoons, but please, Mister, please just read a fucking book. Culture did not just appear out of the sky in 4,000 BCE. The defining attribute of the species Homo Sapiens is that we are able to link our little societies and villages and tribes into a larger patchwork of communication and idea-sharing than any other animals on the planet. Archaeology has only records of culture in humans dating back about 12,000-14,000 years but that doesn't actually mean that's when Humanity as a big letter concept started. In fact, that suggests to me that there were cultures before that time that the remnants we have were built from. Monkeys and dolphins have tools, humans have had tools since before the "missing link" came into existence. Our troglodyte and neanderthal ancestors had tools in the hundreds of thousands of years ago. There is actually a lot to explain just in the written histories of the world how it came to be that an ancient people like the Egyptians could have come up with the design elegance that resulted in the pyramids and that's taking into account the unbelievable amounts of oral tradition and written records that the world does not or maybe even can not ever again have access to! So, please, to Michael Bay and all other cultural imperialists that believe everything they've heard is all that has ever been known - you don't know anything and you should leave the wild speculation alone. God begins where explanations have run their course, not because that is his doing but because that is where our answers stop. It's easier to say, "God took it from there," than it is to simply admit, "I can't understand anything beyond this point and maybe there isn't actually an answer to the bigger question. Maybe it's just infernal coincidence." Humans built the pyramids without any extra-terrestrial help.

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Anonymous said...

1. egyptians(as well as other cultures) were clearly aided by aliens. explain stonehenge or pyramids--they are made of rocks. and rocks weren't invented until cleopatra. BUT CLEOPATRA CAME AFTER STONEHENGE.
2. transmogriphiers are cinema poetry. good cinema poetry.
3. you called michael bay a sexist--are you gay or somethin?