Friday, August 14, 2009

No More Cattle Calls

I think I might need to give CareerBuilder a rest. Every response I've gotten has turned out to be of the door-to-door sales variety of jobs. I don't think I'm going to find my place in the world by selling people cable or make-up that they haven't asked for. I also might be a little too old to take these things seriously. Every room I walk into with a bunch of 20-year olds in cheap ties and a bunch of 45-year olds in cheap ties makes me cry very loudly inside. And I almost laugh every time. I'm feeling phased out of the workplace right now. Am I alone in this? I'm glad I left the seafood industry, glad I went to Kansas and helped Lauren's movie production. I just really need money right now and the trees are not shaking out what I was hoping for. I've hit financial rock bottom and I'd like to find some income before I discover the lie that there is no debtor's prison in the U.S. Oh, well, President Dog and 2 Segway 2 Die aren't going to write themselves.

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