Thursday, August 13, 2009

Michael Vick! Michael Vick!

Michael Vick now has a chance to be like Kordell Stewart, circa 1995, for the Philaelphia Eagles. Is Vick going to become a great QB? Almostg certainly not. I kind of hope he does, though. I don't hate dogs, by the way. Michael Vick is a giant asshole and he deserved to be taken low. Probably not much, if any, more than any other star but he deserved to be knocked down. If you take animal lives so lightly, you probably don't do well with the value of human life, either. That being said, he's not the worst person that ever lived and he's a pretty entertaining football player which is all I want and expect from him. Make football entertaining in a way other than screaming at the distended voices coming from the TV: "You are an idiot! Who cares about all this sanctimony! Talk about the plays and leave me alone!" (That is what I say to the announcers during every game. They never hear me.) I hope Vick is exciting but I expect this to be a sad, boring sideshow that ends way more quickly than anyone is willing to admit. Remember when Ricky Williams came back? No? It's because he got hurt right away. Vick will also be hurt immediately when he finally makes it into a regular season game.

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