Friday, October 16, 2009

Something In Me Cries For You...

Wow, work, me and you don't get along the way we used to. Why don't you want to hang out anymore? I worry that you have gone away forever and soon my car and my computer will be repossessed, as well. I hope like crazy I can figure something out soon but I wish you would have left me in much better shape. I can't take this anymore. I'm going to the Showbiz Expo tomorrow to see if work exists there. I think it will be rows and rows of people trying to sell me video editing services and "creative live/work" spaces but maybe somebody from Universal's distribution dept is hanging around looking for that Sales Trainee. I can't comprehend that I'm less than a top 1 percrentile candidate for that job but I have no idea how to write a resume or cover letter anymore. I'm doomed. L.A. Film didn't even interview me after I asked the president of the damn school to put in a word for me. I don't like anybody anymore and I'm going to die of starvation in the not so distant future. The first guess that gets the title and original recording artist of the song I quoted in the title gets to give me $1000.

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